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The New Spice Box: Contemporary Jewish Writing

Edited by: Ruth Panofsky

The New Spice Box includes short fiction, personal essays, and poetry by Jewish writers from a broad range of cultural backgrounds. Fresh and relevant, profound and lasting, this anthology features works by acclaimed short story writers David Bezmozgis, Mireille Silcoff, and Ayelet Tsabari; groundbreaking memoirists Bernice Eisenstein and Alison Pick; and award-winning poets Isa Milman, Jacob Scheier, and Adam Sol. The driving force behind The New Spice Box is the desire to uncover the twin touchstones of original expression and writerly craft, and to balance the representation of genres, styles, and authorial perspectives. Here, authors summon the past as they probe their cultural inheritance and move forward into the future. The New Spice Box shows that Jewish literary tradition, Jewish experience, and Jewish identity can be expressed in innumerable ways.




University of Toronto Press 


The New Spice Box is a treasure. The texts that Ruth Panofsky has gathered show us contemporary Jewish writing at its most dynamic and exhilarating – haunted by the past, tangled up by languages, connected to the world.

Josh Lambert, Wellesley College


Concordia University  



Online Reading Series: The New Spice Box


Association for Canadian Studies

8 December 2020


Meet the Author


How does the past shape contemporary Jewish experience in Canada? How does it feel to be Jewish today? These are the questions that inform The New Spice Box, an aromatic blend of poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction by... 


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