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Cultural Mapping and the Digital Sphere:
Place and Space

Edited by: Ruth Panofsky and Kathleen Kellett

This collection of essays enriches digital humanities research by examining various Canadian cultural works and the advances in technologies that facilitate these interdisciplinary collaborations. Fourteen essays – eleven in English and three in

French – survey the helix of place and space. Contributors to Part I chart new archival and storytelling methodologies, while those in Part II venture forth to explore specific cultural and literary texts. Cultural Mapping and the Digital Sphere is an indispensable road map for researchers and those interested in the digital humanities, women’s writing, and Canadian culture and literature.




University of Alberta Press


An eclectic collection that spans a wide range of scholarly activities and texts that are interrelated … valuable for its focus … on the study of Canadian subjects by Canadian scholars situated at Canadian universities, with a notable emphasis on women’s writing and digital humanities.

Jason Boyd, University of Toronto Quarterly


Toronto Trailblazers explores the influence of seven key women who, despite pervasive gender bias, helped advance a modern literary culture for Canada. Publisher Irene Clarke, scholarly editors Eleanor Harman and Francess Halpenny, trade...


Fifth Business and Alligator Pie. Stephen Leacock, Grey Owl, and Morley Callaghan: these treasured Canadian books and authors were all nurtured by the Macmillan Company of Canada, one of the country’s foremost twentieth-century publishing...

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